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Delay in posting is mostly due to total apathy, not with training, or the sport, with MMAF. Just haven't felt like posting at all, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've posted in the past month or two.

Recapping the last couple months:

Lots of padwork (insignificant in the long run)
A bit of dieting, nothing to write home about.
Got into a gym finally
Started a strength training routine, as well as MMA based conditioning circuits

With this new gym membership I'm finally able to utilize real training aids I just couldn't get my hands on before, i.e. quality cardio machines, versatile olympic racks, and a variety of heavy bags, speed bags, battling ropes, and monster truck tires. All essential equipment I wasn't in a position to use.

The only area where there is a deficiency is that there isn't an MMA coach/trainer, just all the equipment, and the wherewithal of the user. So far I'm happy, I had forgotten how much more fun gym training was compared to home training.

That is all. Ideally, I post again before June. Lets hope.

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