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Originally Posted by M_D View Post
lol i asked myself that allot when i had tons of credits, the thing i cam up with is that i bet differently when its real money
Yep, it's always different when it comes to betting with real dollars. There's a member on here who's got serious ballz; 2kn1 is his name. My biggest bet was $350, this guy bets thousands consistently.

Awhile ago one of the mods posted up an article on betting stastics by this ex Google IT guy. I actually emailed em to thank em. Brilliant kid. Based on strictly math in the long run he would have been up six figures, but one would need to have sufficient bankroll to cover the losses. The way he treated it was like stocks almost.

As for most of us our bets are based on knowledge on the fighters + some stats and unfortunately at times based on preference. IE: I knew GSP just didn't seem right against Serra, but I would have felt like a traitor betting against em so I didn't. Then you got Crocop whom I always rooted for to my chagrin at times.

These days I'm hovering around the 50% - 60% mark only. I have a buddy who has limited knowledge in MMA, but loves to gamble in everything. So he simply bets on all underdogs which is an interesting strategy.

In the end maybe placing small bets on underdogs or parlays are the best way to go UNLESS you truly feel it. The member I mentioned earlier had like a grand riding on Hendricks vs Fitch. Impressive win.

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