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Originally Posted by evilappendix View Post
I'm not that big a fan of the new Ubuntu scheme honestly. I'm running it on my merrybirthdaymas rig as a partition currently. Like Hex said, I play too many games to not keep Windows, the sorta necessary evil. I know wine runs a great deal of stuff but more advanced games still bog it down too much. I plan to get a SSD to run games in Win7 and then my main hard drive will get a full install of either Mint or Ubuntu and my windows drive will never see the internet again. I may try a few other versions out before settling though.
I built a new box a couple of weeks ago with an 128GB SSD for the OS/current games/apps and a 2 TB HDD for storage, and it is LIGHTNING fast. My load times in ME3 are literally a couple of seconds, so fast I cannot read the tool tips. Go for it!

Why will the windows drive never see the internet again? Won't that be a problem for Steam/Origin services, patching, multiplayer, etc? Just a suggestion, maybe use the SSD for Win7, and partition part of the HDD for a linux system partition. Make another partition out of the rest of the HDD with NTFS and then mount it under both Windows and Linux for shared storage. WINNING!

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