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Originally Posted by Brydon View Post
Having a Tattoo saying white pride - Should be OK, but it isn't. It is considered OK to have "brown pride" tattooed on you, and thus the same standard should apply. Unfortunatly, 99% of people who have a white pride tattoo have it for its racist implications. Hopefully in the future this will no longer be the case, but as it stands, white pride tattoos are a terrible idea.

Having tattoos with Nazi meanings - Having tattoos supporting the greatest war crime in history and the perpetrator of said crimes is just silly. Is he really in favor of the gassing of 6 million jews? I doubt it. It is just a stupid idea of an angry and confused young man. I think a lot of the people with Nazi related tattoos probably don't have that much of an idea of what the Nazi's actually stood for, and instead is just an expression of their hatred for other races. All that being said, Nazi related tattoos are completely unnacceptable and no pro sports league should permit an athlete with these tats.

Kidnapping and raping underage girls - Are you ******* kidding me? This guy shouldn't be allowed to work anywhere but Mcdonalds, whilst wearing a T-Shirt saying "Pedophile. Beware." Strikeforce seriosly ****ed up here. It doesn't matter how good a fighter this guy is, boot him out of the organisation quickly.
I'm still looking for proof behind this idiotic idea for an alleged double standard.

I'd imagine, like I said, if a white athlete, he'd incur just as much incessant bitching as Cain did for his Brown Pride tattoo....but it's a joke to even act like Cain's tattoo is normal. You don't see shit like that typically.

With the few white fighters that have something like that, it's usually the fact that they are admitted racists and accompany that with Nazi imagery that pisses people off.

But then again anyone too simple to understand the difference between a minority toting a phrase used during a time where historically, they were treated like second rate citizens, and emphasizes growth of the race being compared to a phrase that has been historically associated with these guys

should probably just smash their keyboards over their heads repeatedly and see if they somehow gain the ability to think.

Originally Posted by DanTheJu View Post
Are we to feel sorry for this guy? Or anybody else who refuses to live by the laws of society?

You do realize that he and his buddy, both 18 or older, kidnapped a 12 year old and a 13 year old girl and raped them. This will surely have lasting affects on those 2 girls that I can not, and would not want to, comprehend. Those 2 girls lives will NEVER be normal, and they may never be able to trust any men that may come into their lives.

So with that in mind, should we as a society just accept that he went to jail and afford him all the opportunities that everybody else in society are afforded? I vote NO!
I don't recall expressing any empathy for this man

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