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Round 1: Jason Herzog again starting this fight off. Quick tap and they square off. Santos shuffling a bit more and Santana looking more deliberate in his movements. Overhand right for Santana is blocked and they square off again. Leg kick for Santana lands on the outside of Santos's lead leg. Another leg kick, but misses. Santos rushes in and Santana drops down for a single leg. They are clinched against the cage and Santos looking to hammerfist Santana's exposed head. A flip leaves them in the same position and another flip again with no positional change. Santana now up in the clinch and pushing Santos back into the cage. Bruno nails Giva in the cup and time is called for Giva to recover.

Upon the resume, Santos gets the advantage int he clinch and after a bit, they separate. Santana misses with a high head kick. A quick jab combination misses. Santos looking a bit nimble here. Giva comes in with a flurry and Santos clinches him against the cage. Bruno tosses some knees to the thigh and Giva looks content to chill out. Still in the clinch and Santana turns it around before they separate. Giva looking a bit touched up on the left cheek.Bruno lands a nice left hook and smacks Giva again in the face with a right. A leg kick to the outside of the thigh lands for Santos. Giva backing off a bit now and Santos edging in before landing another chopping leg kick. Santana flurries with a nice punch and leg kick combination and looks rather good landing shots on Santos as the round ends. I'd say 10-9 Santos for controlling the clinch, but very close round.

Round 2: Quick tap. Giva lands a couple light shots and both fighters look fully engaged in this. Santos catches a leg kick, but Giva works free and looks to strike some more. Bruno nearly takes advantage of a stumble by Giva for a takedown and now they are clinched against the cage. Santos looks to land a big punch before separating, but it is partly deflected. Giva tries a lead right straight to the body, but misses. Bruno lands a leg kick and the two throw punches simultaneously before Bruno clinches and sends Giva to the fence. No luck for either guy in takedowns tonight thus far. Bruno fires a knee to the thigh and then tosses Giva away to the center of the cage. Giva being more aggressive and Santos takes advantage of that to toss him to the ground. No follow through to the ground and Bruno looks content to fire leg kicks away. Giva dives in for a leg and goes for a strange arm clinch - probably some submission in mind - and Bruno gets away as fast as possible. They return to the feet and neither guy is throwing or landing much. Trading leg kicks. Santana lands a nice two punch combo and comes back in for more. Santos clinches and forces Giva to the fence again. Giva tries a crane kick and misses. Wow. Santos lands a couple of punches and the round ends. Bruno's mother looks like Gabi Garcia. Whoo... 10-9 Santos again.

Round 3: They circle once more and Santos comes in with a punch combination. Giva backs him off with a front kick and now takes the offensive. Santos lands a nice counter right and Santana clinches to fend off the power strikes. They break and Santana looks to come in a bit more. Bruno landing leg kicks. Giva ducks down for a single as Bruno swings a wide, sloppy left hook. Up against the cage and Giva wants to do one of those back rolls again. Bruno balances his way out of that and hammerfists his way to a break. Giva looks tired, but fires a blocked head kick. Bruno lands a nice left uppercut and a good leg kick. This has kind of become a kickboxing battle, which is fairly standard for two good grapplers facing each other, and Santos dumps Santana down with a double leg. Giva looking to isolate the right arm of Bruno, but Bruno is clamped down very firmly. Bruno works the smash pass into half guard and Giva fends him off. Bruno now standing and firing leg kicks. Giva dives in for a leg and Bruno sprawls. Hammerfists convince Giva to fall back and then return to the feet as Bruno backs off. Giva lands a body kick, some body punches. Santos lands a single leg and postures up in the half guard to fire punches. No dice and Giva on his back and looking to dive in. Giva rolls for a leglock! Santos spins to a better position and looks to stifle the leglock. Giva rolls again to try for a toehold and time runs out on him. 10-9 Santos, and thus I call the 30-27 decision for Bruno Santos.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Santana take a round on the cards though. Jimmy gave Giva the first round. Not an indefensible scorecard there.

Bruno Santos takes the unanimous decision, 30-27 and 2 x 29-28.

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