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Round 1: Herzog once more. Touch of gloves and we're off. Vasa looks to land a left hook, but O'Donnell fends him off. Some blows traded, but nothing really landing big for either fighter. Jabs scoring for each. Vasa getting the left jab working. O'Donnell looking to come from different angles here. Leg kicks landing for him. Already we're at a high pace and both fighters are landing with blows here and there. O'Donnell utilizing lots of head movement and leg kicks in combination with overhands from odd angles. Vasa staying patient and fends off a takedown attempt. O'Donnell lands a couple punches and looks for the double. After some grinding, he gets it and Vasa sticks him in the open guard. O'Donnell tight on Vasa's legs and looking to bypass the guard into side control, but Vasa scoots bak to the cage. O'Donnel stands and looks to control Vasa while delivering punches. Vasa fights back to the fight and comes in blazing punches. O'Donnel gets another double and controls the legs well. Vasa looks to clinch and stall. O'Donnell not being very active and Herzog warns him to show motion. O'Donnell gets some posture and lands a few blows, but Vasily doing a good job of breaking the posture down and preventing damage. O'Donnell is smothered and the fight is stood back up. Vasily gets after Victor with a few left straights and drives in for the double leg after a trip attempt. Vasily on top and looking to pass. Victor has butterfly hooks in and is controlling the wrists. In the clinch, both trade knees and then break to fire punches at each other. Going out on a limb here and calling that a 10-10.

Round 2: Victor lands some early lefts and legkicks to take the offensive, while circling away from Vasily. Vasily lands a nice left straight that knocks Victor down. Swarming punches from guard, hammerfists and Victor trying to survive. Vasily has control from the turtle and still looking to finish. Victor rolls and looks for an armbar and gets a leglock attempt!. Vasily grabs the cage while getting up and Herzog pries his fingers off. O'Donnell isn't doing anything with the leglock, but Vasily can't hit him so they chill out for a bit. Victor wants the armbar, but isn't anywhere near actually getting it. Vasily still doing some damage, but no real big blows. Vasily working from the top of closed guard and looking to land something. O'Donnell doing a good job of wrist control and stalling. O'Donnell swivels into the set-up for an armbar, but Vasily rips free and continues punching from guard. Victor clamping down and Vasily cannot rip free long enough to do real damage. A nice right stright between the arms lands for Vasily and Victor's legs are open, but no pass is forthcoming. more punches from top control for Vasily. More are landing now and a back take is threatened before Victor rolls back to guard. Punches landing in bunches for Vasily, but Victor is still defending and covering up. Victo's entire face is red and Vasily finally passes to half guard with a knee shield in place for Victor. More short punches landing for the Russian and he seems to be figuring out better avenues for the punches as we go on. Victor rolls to his knees and barely survives the round. 10-8, Vasily.

Round 3: Vasily clearly the fresher fighter here. Landing unopposed to Victor's head. Another knockdown and Vasily working from top of open guard. Victor uses the cage to push off a bit, but cannot work free. More lockdown wrist control attempts and Vasily working his hands free to land punches here and there. Closed guard now and the Russianis alternating body punches with head strikes with the right hand. Now the left gets free as the right is trapped. Victor tries a bump sweep/kimura attempt, but Vasily pushes him back down and maintains position. Victor is now turned over in a weird half guard and covering up. The Russian is steadily delivering punch after punch to Victor's ear. Victor works his way to the feet, while covering up and amazingly avoids the stoppage. Back to the feet for a striking battle again. Victor comes forwards but is taking punch after punch. Vasily lands another nice right and looks for a trip, but the two separate again. A left lands after slow attmpts to land a right by O'Donnell. More lefts land as O'Donnell stumbles away. Victor looking for the left hook, but nothing is landing or even coming close. Vasily landing anything he wants and choosing to batter O'Donnel from range. Blood pouring out of Victor's nose and mouth. Every attempt at offense by Victor is seeing him take four or five punches straight to the face in return. Vasily dancing on the outside and setting up combinations, while easily slipping all the punches lumbered out by O'Donnell. The Russian has turned this into a sparring session and looks as fresh as ever to seal the round and the decision. 10-8, Vasily for a 30-26 decision as I call it.

Vyacheslav Vasilevsky wins a unanimous decision. (Scores not shown)

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