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Round 1: No glove tap. Falcao backing up and looking to counter here. Paraisy gets clinched and tripped. Falcao looks for the mount, but settles back in half guard to relaunch his mount attack. After getting there, Stormin' Norman fights back to the feet and Falcao pushes him up against the fench. Falcao has one underhook and they break. A legkick from Paraisy gets deflected. A push kick from Paraisy fends off two hard punch attempts from Falcao. Paraisy doing a decent job of clinching or keeping Falcao at range, but two solid punches land for Maiquel. In the clinch against the cage, Maiquel settles for a while before firing off knees to the thigh. Still kneeing away and Paraisy looking to circle out. Falcao fires a barrage of punches and a couple land. paraisy working the left jab and gets a leg kick caught by Falcao. The Brazilian is slowly stalking paraisy around for a bit, then shifting into counter-mode. Hard left kick lands for Falcao as Paraisy is lunging jabs at the head of the Brazilian. A combination misses, until a legkick snaps into the thigh of Paraisy and Falcao looks to clinch some more. Both look at the referee for a moment and then resume clinching. Falcao works a single leg to no avail and Paraisy hammerfists him some skull. Falcao working short punches and knees in the clinch. Norman is sprawling well and staying out of trouble. Wow! In some kind of weird fireman's carry/crucifix position, Falcao dumps Paraisy to the ground just as the round ends. 10-9, Maiquel Falcao.

Round 2: Norman got a mean look this time out. Falcao looking for the counter, but misses everything as Paraisy lands a couple swinging punches. More circling and Paraisy landing lightly as he comes in. Falcao tries to catch a legkick and nearly takes a backfist for his trouble. A dose of solid legkicks for Falcao here. Ouch. More leg kicks, now a flurry of punches and a legkick again for Falcao. Another leg kick. Paraisy tries a double leg, only to be met by the affirmative sprawl of Maiquel. In the clinch, Falcao fires knees to the left leg that took the recent legkicks while working a few short punches here and there. More knees, more punches and some chopping uppercuts before they break. Falcao has gone full Muay Thai on us and is hunting leg kick after leg kick. Another combination of punches followed by a right legkick and clinch. Paraisy fires back some, but he's not coming out the better in these exchanges. More legkicks for Falcao and Paraisy has really slowed down. Paraisy starting to hop a bit as the legkicks land. Norman is coming ofrwards, but not landing anything or generating any real offense. Paraisy lands a glancing kick to the cup of Falcao and the referee reminds the fighters of the "No Hit Groin" rule. Falcao backs Paraisy up and lands heavily. Paraisy motions him to bring it and Falcao starts showboating in return. More heavy strikes landing for Falcao - punches, knees, kicks - it's all there. Paraisy is backing up and landing nothing. A hard right hand knocks Paraisy down, but Falcao saunters up and looks to trash talk a bit. Paraisy looking mean and tough, but getting battered here. 10-9, Maiquel Falcao.

Round 3: Glove tap to open! Falcao lands a lunghing left and then another leg kick to the left leg of Paraisy. A clinch and a sweet trip gets Falcao top half guard on Paraisy. Norman is stifled on the ground with a head and arm trapped, but looks to use the cage to work free somehow. Falcao is in S-mount (not quite full mount) and now punches away at the head of Norman. Paraisy works free and Falcao punishes him some more before they break. Paraisy tries a lazy left and takes a strong right that sends him turning away. Every strike Paraisy tries is getting him a hard, hard counter in return. A shot from Norman is met with a sprawl, a quick turn to the back and as Paraisy tries to roll out, Falcao moves again into half guard with head and arm control. Falcao still in half guard with a whizzer/brabo set up. Norman looks to go deep half guard and escape, takes a few hard hammerfists and gets out! He ends up on top of Falcao's half guard and Maiquel is looking very passive from his back. Closed guard for Falcao and Paraisy is super-tired. Falcao not taking much damage or looking to really escape. He motions to Herzog for a stand-up briefly and that spurs Norman into a flurry of action. Falcao hammerfistin' away and Paraisy looking ot pass guard or clamp down from the top. Norman landing nothing and Falcao motioning oddly to the referee for a stand-up while punching away. Herzog stands them up and Falcao is trash talking again. A flurry from both fighters closes out the round, with Falcao getting the better of it. They hug as the round ends and Falcao looks really happy. 10-9, Maiquel Falcao for a 30-27 decision as I score it.

As the official Deaf Guy/Sign Language Translator of Bloody Elbow, I can tell you that Maiquel Falcao just said that he loves a baby in rather decent sign language. Not sure who the baby is, but maybe he'll tell us in the victory speech.

Maiquel Falcao wins a unanimous decision.

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