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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I'm still looking for proof behind this idiotic idea for an alleged double standard.

But then again anyone too simple to understand the difference between a minority toting a phrase used during a time where historically, they were treated like second rate citizens, and emphasizes growth of the race being compared to a phrase that has been historically associated with these guys

Are you ****** kidding me?

taken from the US census bureau.

Even though the nation is roughly 70% white, that doesnt account for the multiracial white americans, which would be around 3% of those.

The laws put in place to protect minorities from racism is racist ITSELF.

Explain why BET (Black Entertainment Tv) was allowed but when a company tried to make WET (White Entertainment Tv), they were not allowed to because it was "racist".

Explain why business' are required to hire a minority over a white person, to prove they are not racist, when it could simply come down to who is more qualified. When you go to a macdonalds and it is full of black people/mexicans working there, THAT IS WHY.

Why is it ok for black people to say "cracker", which originated from the word "crack" because of when white people "cracked the whip", but for a white man to say N*****, it is racist.

What i am trying to get across is there is so many laws in this country trying to prevent racism against minorities that it actually gives minorities more rights than the majority which is unconstitutional in itself.

The only way for racism to stop is for people to change WILLINGLY. It can not be forced, and the only laws that can be enforced are the laws that effect and pertain EVERYONE, not just the minorities or the majority. That is the only "constitutional" way to stop it.
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