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Well I just got home, that ass hole mr sun is going to be coming up in a bit. Well tonight was my birthday, or well a few hours ago it was. I started this morning at like 11:30, I've been hanging with these people who like me all day at different times. I think it was noon or so before I started drinking. It was nice and cordial for the first bit, eating with some family and crap for my birthday. Then hung out with a few friends, shooting some guns and drinking, and I accidentally shot this guys truck. Which I was think "aww shit" but he thought it was hilarious, I think that is the first time I can actually say I disrespected and acted like a jackass with a firearm. Do not drink and shoot, its stupid. Then around 6 I met up with a few of my friends for some bar hopping. There is this huge strip with just bars, clubs and restaurants we like to hit up. It started off pretty innocently, just some friends having a couple drinks. But man everyone got ******* hammered, it was like 9pm and the barkeep lady was force feeding me shots from her tits while I was held down on the bar. We were chilling out in the unlit parking lot with a nice fat j and we paid this homeless guy like five bucks and a sandwich to do the robot, it was ******* hilarious. I think we actually took the homeless dude with us to this strip club, anyways he was there at some point. My bastard friends got me a lapdance with like 5 chicks at once, man it was pretty badass but man i could taste the sweat. then some other shit happened bleh well im drinking this highland park 12 year single malt scotch an its pretty bloody delicious. i do not envy the hangover tomorrow, but hell of a day, happy saint patricks day gents

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