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yea, on the prelim fights, lawrence looked like he was on a whole other level.

but then again, cruickshank also looked kinda special.

anything can happen, but I wouldn't count Lawrence out

experience does mean a lot, but I do believe that raw talent can top experience anyday of the week. look at Jon Jones steamrolling through not only veterans, but also legends during their prime or still very close.

he litterally broke rampage

I don't know, when Lawrence was saying he was training with AS, if he trained with him once for 5 minutes or if he spars with the dude everyday.

On the other hand, if Marcello was really THAT good, he'd probably be on the UFC right now. I love Roy Nelson and all, but even tho he's holding his own, he's not exactly your "premium" type of fighter either. Talent like Lawrence, I can see that holding a belt in the future. I'd be very susprised if Nelson ever even gets a shot at one.
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