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As you can see, the last couple of weeks were slightly insane due to my attempting to work two jobs, with which I had some success, and hopefully made enough money to pay for MT, BJJ, the gi I've been lusting after for over a year, etc. I'd also really like to take the occasional judo class, because as I've said before, I miss it a lot. My gym has expanded to include people who have trained regularly with Renzo Gracie, as well as Carlson and de la Riva, so there's a lot of fascinating information exchange going on.

Mon 3-19: AM BJJ. Watched the MMA types work standup and GnP while we rolled all sportsmanlike on the other half of the stylin Swain mats. I'm working on making the breakdance/shoulder roll transition smoother and faster, because I know I have the foundations for a good guard game with my long legs. My teacher was nice enough to let me get my hooks in, take his back and RNC him. I said, I can see that that was a gift, and don't think it went unappreciated.

Tue: MT tonight. It was a ton of knees. It got hot as shit in there and I thought my partner was going to drop. I loooove skip knee and curve knee. She dropped her pads and I accidentally kneed her in the chest. Sorry about that thar.

Wed: BJJ was guard passes including escrima pass, and a fair amount of rolling. It got really hot so toward the end of class I bitched out and changed into my nogi rig.

Thur: MT. Drinking diet rockstar b/c I think I got a mild version of the stomach bug that seems to have been going around, also because it does work as a bump of sorts. I want to try to work with a challenging partner tonight; after all, I try to be a challenge or at least a superb feeder for whoever I work with.

Fri: rested. I work 6 AM- 2:30 PM most Fridays, so that tends to be my do nothing day.

Sat: 3 mile run, 5 3 min rounds jump rope.

Sun: rested

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