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Originally Posted by SEG4EVER View Post
Ya I know this is old, but I wasn't into UFC back in these days so I don't know a lot of the history. Now I love watching cards from the old days. Just hoping that someone who has been a fan longer than me could fill me in. Did the "King of the Streets" have a trick up his sleeve giving him an advantage against grapplers? And yes his fight against Polar Bear was awesome, grease or not he chopped Polar Bear down with awesome leg kicks.
The only thing I remember was that he was able to get out of chokes by turning his head inwards and leaving a small room to breathe. I always thought he was a bad ass. Never heard anything about greasing like Akiyama style...

Who knows I don't think it made a difference cuz back then it was very street like. Raw and gritty. We'd watch it on PPV and be pumped. Later on Tank and Vitor really blew up the scene with their vicious KOS. If you like Marco Ruas check out Pat Smith, Goodridge (sadly he has brain damage now), Don Frye vs Tank, Remco P., and then Frank Shamrock vs Tito. That was a classic! Frank was the first protypical MMA fighter in my mind next to Vitor.

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