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Official MMAF "suggestion" thread

We (the staff) are making this thread because we feel that the best way to get an idea of what you guys like/dislike/want/hate, what changes you would like to see made or what things you would like to see done to improve the forum, is to... well, simply just ask.

We are always talking about new things and new ways to help keep the forum going strong, but we have a lot of other things going on as well and can't always communicate all our ideas, and many of them fall off the boat because we don't really know what's worth the time/effort for you guys (and us), and what isn't.

So, this thread is for you guys to post ideas/suggestions about things you want, any ideas that would make this place more fun/enjoyable for you and everyone else, and don't be afraid to post things you don't like as well.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. Keep any member bashing/fighting/insults/whatever out of here. This is for the forum as a whole not specific members or anything like that, keep such things in PM and off the board please.

2. We will look and talk about pretty much every realistic suggestion that is made here, but we aren't promising to add everything that is mentioned (obviously), but what we will do is discuss them and we more than likely will add some of these suggestions if members find them interesting/fun, and that we can realistically do it.

So, please let us know everything you might want added/taken away, that you like/dislike, from competitions to general management to sections, anything you have ideas on. This thread is being put in the lounge because more people come here, it will (hopefully) get more attention here.

Thanks a bunch.
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