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This sucks so bad. New Orleans hosts the Super Bowl this coming year and could have quite possibly made a title run. Being the scapegoat sucks, whoever snitched would be well advised to never set foot in this city again. The commissioner doesn't give two shits about players health or else he'd support retired players who suffer from numerous physical and mental handicaps due to years of "regulation" play. Not to mention, statistically the years in question are some of our cleanest games! This is the dirty souf. You come play down here you get roughed up. Everyone knows that. The money between players is a joke. "Purses" up to 10 grand amongst millionaire athletes is like me betting my pal 100 bucks. That's really why they are mad. Can't have the people who destroy their bodies to entertain us swapping money behind closed doors. The NFL likes to know what all their slaves.. er.. players are up to at all times. I was tired of all the fair-weather fan boys after we got our ring anyway. Being the under dog feels more like home.
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