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Originally Posted by Ryan1522 View Post
I don't agree with that statement. Are Jones, GSP and Silva hurting the UFC because they have proven that there is a large gap between them and the contenders in each of their respective weight divisions just like Aldo?

I can't say I'm not intrigued by the possibility of Aldo moving up, but he surely isn't hurting the division by showing his dominance over the competition.

If that's your argument as to why it's bad for the division, then GSP and A. Silva, whom have been doing it for longer than Aldo, are also bad for their divisions by that merit.
With Jones there's the possibility Rashad could catch him or Hendo, we don't know how Gustaffson and Davis are going to turn out either.

With Silva, he's had the fight brought to him by Chael, and Chael is an interesting fight, Vitor had the power and speed to KO him but people still believe Chael can beat Anderson.

GSP who has looked as dominant as anyone for so long now faces serious doubt, he's coming off a major surgery and he's fighting a guy whose coming to take his life and his title. We don't know how GSP will respond to the ring rust and everything.

There's a belief that all three of those guys can be beat, there's a certain guy that has a chance to beat those three.

Does anybody really, truly believe that someone at 145 has a shot at all against Aldo? People bring up the Hominick fight but let's be real Hominick's "come back" only happened because Aldo keeps cutting a disturbing amount of weight to fight at 145 and gassed, it's not like it was a competitive bout through out like Sonnen/Silva was. No one's as quick as he is at 145 and he's already trashed some of the best wrestlers in the division. He routed Florian and crushed guys like Gamburyan and Brown in the WEC.

What's more realistic? Evans or Hendo ko'ing Jones, Silva getting out-wrestled by Sonnen, GSP losing to Condit after major surgery and a lengthy lay off or someone like Erik Koch or Dustin Poirier beating Jose Aldo, Hioki has the best chance of anyone of beating Aldo but his stand up isn't on the same league and I don't think he's got the takedowns to get Aldo down and keep him there.

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