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Originally Posted by Ryan1522 View Post
Just finished watching the press conference. Hominick butchered the Toronto announcement, Dana gave almost all of the questions up to Tom Wright (who really is knows his stuff), and the satellite delay was a joke. Why they don't just have them join via skype is beyond me. Maybe has something to do with their partnership with facebook.

Also cool that there maybe a fight night in Halifax in the future and a fight for the troops here in Canada.

I think Aldo will be fighting Hioki and maybe they are bringing Henderson-Edgar 2 to Calgary. It's rumored to be this summer. This would be the true main event though.

It'd also be sweet if it was the winner of Rashad/Jones vs Hendo. Since Dana said that the bout was already in the works though, I don't think that's it.
Henderson-Edgar 2 won't headline, I think people are sick of Edgar having to fight the same guy twice but that's what happens when you refuse to give 10-7's and put a fight in a place where they decide who the competition based on their faces as opposed to the points scored. My guess is UFC 150 will be Jones/Hendo and Bendo/Edgar 2 with a strong third fight.

Plus the heavier weight classes always headline, unless they had a Bantamweight or Flyweight title fight there's only gonna be one title fight on this one and it doesn't look like that's gonna happen due to the ******* idiotic Australian athletic commission.

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