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Originally Posted by SEG4EVER View Post
Are you sure Goodridge didn't have brain damage to begin with? In his first UFC he claimed to be a arm wrestler who had beat 1000 men in 2 hours in Japan. Lol that's a pretty insane claim, but Big Daddy sure did have some great fights in the UFC! Here is a link to the interview on Sherdog where Remco P. talks about Marco Ruas using grease in UFC 7 if anyone is interested, it's a great interview and he talks about much more then just his right againts Ruas. It's an old interview but still a good read. Remco Pardoel is awesome.
Man it's been ages since I saw that footage of Remco beating Orlando. I mean ages ago...then I started remembering Keith Hackney, Harold Howard, Cal Worsham, Steve Jennum (alternate) who ended up beating Harold in the finals because Royce was too fatigued after battling against Kemo. Sad to say most fancy martial artists got schooled pretty badly. It's true what Remco said. Most are surviving for three rounds today. Back then there were barely any decisions. It was pure mayhem!

Thanks for the flashbacks!

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