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Originally Posted by Ryan1522 View Post
Which round did you think was a 10-7 and in what fight? Maynard-Edgar 2 round 1 Maynard 10-7?

Also if Edgar/Hendo 2 doesn't come to Calgary, it still has me left scratching my head.

Machida/Davis is a good fight and a good possibility, but Dana was chuckling to himself and saying the fans were gonna "LOVE IT!" if he could get it done. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Machida/Davis, but it seems like he was hinting at something more significant.
Yes, Round 1 of Edgar/Maynard II.

I have a serious problem with a round like that, where Maynard dropped Edgar four times, hit him over 90 times, and the fight literally could have been stopped at any moment being scored the same as rounds like the fifth of Hendo/Shogun, the third of McCall/Johnson and Penn/Fitch, to me those rounds aren't the same, Fitch, Shogun, and McCall all landed a ton of unanswered shots and I would have scored them 10-8 myself but none of those was as bad as Edgar/Maynard II, the ref could have stopped Edgar/Maynard II on several occasions and not a complaint would have been made.

Part of me thinks they'll give Davis a guy like Bonnar because he was severely outclassed by Evans and Machida's probably the last guy they want in there with Davis. Shogun/Machida III seems like it could happen and I think it'd have a ton of intrigue, and both guys need as many fights as possible because I don't really think they have that much time left in MMA.

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