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How much force for a punch to send 400 lbs bag flying into the air ?

Are there any boxer that have enough power to make a heavy bag, weighing 400lb or more, fly over long distances? I think MMA fighters like Rampage and Brock Lesnar and HW boxers like Foreman and Tyson could make a 400 pound bag flying into ceiling and thump it, much like the kick that have been done by Bruce Lee on a 300lb bag. But I'm sceptical about Bruce Lee feats because there are only anecdotal evidences from his friends. This is from Bob Wall interview,

'Bob Wall: And so I went as a joke, made him a 300 pound bag. I don’t think there’s a bag bigger than that. And so I stuffed it and called Bruce up in Bel Air and he had a Porshe, and I said “Hey Bruce, why don’t you come on down, I made you a man-sized bag” and he came and Joe and a bunch of our students all hid, I got on the phone, pretending to be on the phone, and I said “Yeah Bruce, go ahead and throw it in the back, its in there hanging up” and so he walked in and the expression on his face would have been great to have on film, and we all fell over when he saw the size of bag…

MPM: (laughs)

Bob Wall: …but he wouldn’t allow us to let him think it was a joke

(at this point Bob gets another call but quickly returns)

It was a friend of mine but I told him I’m in the middle of an interview so anyway we all popped out laughing and Bruce kick it once and fell over and then we helped him take it over to his place and hung it up in the garage and then he went over and kicked it and it broke the whole structure of the garage!

MPM: Wow!

Bob Wall: And so he had Herb (Jackson) come over and redo the whole garage and I’ll tell you, two months later, I saw him and he could kick the heck out of the bag!'

Actually did the bag really hit the ceiling, or because of the bag weight, then the whole structure of the garage broke? Both seems like nonsense to me.

Then this is Wally Jay's quote about Bruce Lee,

"I last saw Bruce after he moved from Culver City to Bel Air. He had a big heavy bag hanging out on his patio. It weighed 300lbs. I could hardly move it at all. Bruce said to me "Hey, Wally, watch this" and he jumped back and kicked it and this monster of a heavy bag went up to the ceiling, Thump!!! And came back down. I still can't believe the power that guy had".

I think the bag maybe only weigh at 100-200. Perhaps. But, just assume that Lee's feat is indeed real, do you know any boxer or MMA fighter that could perform such a feat? I think Tyson with his 1800 psi punch can make a 350 pound bag flying as much as Bruce kicked the 300lbs bag, if not more impressive.

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