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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
I would love to see 16 episodes per season for 10 years but think the expense that some of the battles and special effects will cost will hurt it(if they follow the book). People seeing their favorite character voted off will lose them as fans as well.

I just finished the third book and have too much time invested not to quit reading them or I would. Too many stupid decisions and twists makes me think no main characters will be left at the end.

I'm afraid we'll be watching Ed Starks great grandson take the heir and swiftly drink himself to death or succumb to gonnorhea the way this story is going
I get what you are saying. GRRM did go a little crazy in books 2 and 3, killing off main characters left right and centre. (I did love the RW though, left me with my mouth hanging wide open.) Without spoiling you, I will say this, the fourth book is by far the worst of the series, and although still a good book, suffers greatly from the loss of many interesting characters from the last three books. Many ASOFAI fans feel like GRRM took a breather with the fourth, and to a degree, the fifth book, and tried out some new storytelling methods and angles. Some of them worked, and some did not, which was a shame when everything he did seemed to work when writing the first 3 books.

Personally I think GRRM, even since he wrote the first book, wanted the series to look like this:

1st book (introductions)
2nd book (build-up)
3rd book (blowout, payoff)
4th book (many new characters, cities and angles introduced)
5th book (build-up
6th book (more build-up)
7th book (epic blowout, huge payoff)

As far as the TV series go, if they get to the fourth book, which I'm 99% sure they will, they will have to film the 4th and 5th as one show, separated of course into two seasons halfway into each book. You will understand why when you read Feast.

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