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This is really late, but I have the game, I beat it, and it's my favorite RPG of all time.

I understand why some people would quit, it's incredibly difficult, another thing is, they hide bonfires. I'm sure M.C quit at maybe the bull boss, because that's the only place I can think of with a 10+ minute walk to the bonfire, but the game isn't meant to be played straight forward I don't think. I've had an easy time with the game because instead of just going from boss to boss, I took time to explore the world, which is sooooooo vast and full of so many secrets that to this day I discover things I never knew were in the game.

I have about 3 high level characters and I can pretty much breeze through most of the game except for a couple bosses. This game DOES NOT allow you to make mistakes, it requires more skill than almost any other game ever made, but it's fair. I've had the game since the first day it came out in october or so and I can count all the "cheap" deaths I've had both hands.

Also, once you get into PvPing, the game is truly unique. I like to think of PvPing in that game like playing an anime.

Picture this:
You are a badass with a samurai sword enchanted with lightning, shooting fireballs out of your hands and with a back up shield to boot. Next thing you know you get invaded (someone entered your world with the intent to kill you) and you have to either hide from him, challenge the area boss, or fight the guy. The decision is made for you when the guy is 10 feet away and charging at you. This guy? He's decked from head to toe in fancy super heavy armor, holding a shield that's almost as big as his body in front of him and swinging a giant hammer over his head in your direction. How do you fight him?

Let me tell you, the ways you can build your character, they are infinite. Infinite character builds can be made, INFINITE!!!

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