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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Ooooh! A big unnecessary graph of irrelevant information! You got me there!

Oh, and probably because BET was founded in 1980, which was like...maybe 10 years after blacks had gained civil rights, and they felt they needed a network that would prominently display them on television....seeing as, according to your fancy little graph there, they are a mere 15 percent of the population on average.

Also, I attempted to humor you despite your absolute complete lack of intellect and research this so called shut down of White Entertainment Television...guess,'s F***ING FICTIONAL. If you had any smidgen of intellectual ******* curiosity, you'd realize that when you read news on "The Spoof" it's probably not ******* real. No REAL company would make a White Entertainment's entirely redundant, would only appeal to overt racists, and the Country Music Channel already exists.

After that, I could explain why affirmative action exists, (the idea is very simple, actually, albeit controversial) but that would simply be a waste of time considering anyone with any desire not be an ignorant bumpkin can simply do the research himself. Which....albeit may be a little MORE difficult when you have a closed-mind as a result of living in such a historically WARM, OPEN MINDED, and PROGRESSIVE city such as Memphis, Tennessee....not sarcasm...obviously.

Again, more paranoid delusions. Please do me a favour and report to your boss that a black man called you cracker....if he says "It's okay Jim! That's not racist, it's okay!" I'll personally organize a "Free the white man" campaign across America for the injustices committed against them.

Here in civilization, that black man would be fired. Shocking!

Here in the real world, a professional black man hasn't called a white man cracker and escaped with his head in.....ever. But wait, a comedian said it! That must mean that it's universally okay for blacks to say cracker! A white comedian might say that n-word....but then some black people might be offended by it so he'll shy away. Why might he be offended by it?!!? You ask?!?! Maybe because when he was 7 years old he was marching down the streets with his family and white people were shouting at him while throwing rocks, bricks and spitting at him...then they got sprayed by fire hoses! Maybe it strikes a little more to home with him then a "slur" used against whites to indicate that their ancestors were dominant over them?
Nah! Seems far-fetched.

But wait! I do remember a white comedian using the word!

Oh wait! That's not a joke! That's a racial tirade and he even threw in a lynching reference to boot! Poor white one understands his sense of humor.

And look at the racist black people getting away with calling him a cracker. They didn't even report that in the story! It's biased I tell you!

But um...nice irrelevant rant there. Now we can actually go back to the issue at hand instead of you closeted racists grasping at straws.
People are still bothering with this goof? Was my warning about his complete and utter inability to accept or even entertain the opinions of others not clear? Is it not obvious that he cannot help but act a smarmy, condescending turd whenever someone doesn't subscribe to his take on the world? Run... run quickly, before the blob of douchiness envelops us all!

Unless you'd much rather stick around and be dubbed a racist purely because you disagree. Because, you know, that's how things work in this guy's world.
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