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I am really glad I stopped by a supplement store called Vitman Shoppe here in town the other day.

I talked with the store manager there, I was looking for a pre-workout supplement called Jack3d. He was kind enough to give me two sample packets.

I plan on going through the manager there for all of my needs. He was excited when I mentioned I was going to use this for cardio work to build my base for jiu-jitsu.

I think I will try to buy in bulk there if it is possible a bottle that costs $29.99 will last 25-30 workouts.

I used one of the packets today before what seemed like a long session of bag-work.

I know that I fatigued, but the muscle fatigue never really showed up at all which is surprising since I did 200 jabs, straight rights, hooks (left/right), 200 reverse power punches all for hand strikes!

I went as far as I could with roundhouse kicks, I didn't touch the pendulum kicks or the push-kick today.

I ended up throwing 200 left roundhouse and 500 rights. I primairly focused on technique only with the right kicks, but I did throw 100 heavy rights. For the Left I only focused on technique.

I am definitely impressed with the level I was able to hit today with this cheap cardio boost. I am sure that I will see massive power gains through drilling the techniques into memory this way.

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