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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Today, marks day 7 for me. I've now gone a full week without smoking tobacco. I feel sooooooooo much better both physically and mentally. My wallet feels heavier too! I just wanted to create a thread where people who smoke or used to smoke can talk to other people about all the pitfalls of smoking.

This past week has proven to be difficult I admit, but nowhere near as difficult as I'd thought It'd be. If there are any smokers on here who want to quit, feel free to come on to this thread to talk about ideas and ways of quitting. For some, its more difficult than others but with the right support and smoking aids anyone can quit.

Theres no health benefits AT ALL for smoking. The only thing thats keeping you hooked is the nicotine. If you look at this objectivly and logically, all you have to do is replace the nicotine. People like to have a cigarette to help calm nerves etc. There is NO medical evidence to support this. Its all in your mind and the cigarette acts like a Placebo.

Wehn you look at things in this was like I did, you will hopefully, like me, feel stupid for smoking something that has no health benfits and pretty much just gives you cancer. I'm not getting mugged off by nicotine and cigarettes anymore.

This thread is for ex-smokers who can lend advice and current smokers who are looking to quit, any other advice or help from any other memeber is greatly welcomed.

Lets help each other!!
Yah I've always wondered why people smoke. I tried...didn't like it although I enjoy a fine cigar on special occasions. I'd say at one point 80% of my friends all smoked due to peer pressure. I for one never caved they're all hooked. Good for you mate! It's a drug really...a legalized one. We had an account with a tobacco company before and you know what their annual ad budget figures. Ridiculous how much they make at the cost of peoples' lives. Come to think of it I wonder if there are MMA fighters who smoke cigarettes. That would be a funny contradiction.

You just need to stay away from alcohol now cuz I hear it's almost impossible to steer away from smoking + drinking. Or condition your mind to think of something heinous everytime you look at a cigarette. IE: A fat obese lady with a hole in her throat or that GILF (Grandma I Love TO F***) from King Pin sticking out her tongue with a cigarette, lungs filled with tar, black gums, or yourself as an old wrinkled grandpa with a coarse voice...haha. Yah I dislike cigs...

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