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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Yeah its been a year, and i still havent committed to anyone, ive had flings with girls of coarse but im still scared on the whole relationship crap...

I hear it takes as long as u were with someone to fully get over them.. I hope that was bullshit... I try to look at it as a positive thing, like i learned something. i just wish i didnt have to waste 5 years of my life to learn this lesson. But its done and i am moving forward, its obviously a lot easier now then it was, i literally was depressed and made myself sick for 7 months straight, i would feel better at times, and the nights i spent alone really hit me the most...

It took a lot to get me fully off thinking about her, even when i was with other girls they weren't her so it pissed me off, but i see clearer that i never wanted to be with that whore, i was just attached to the crazy sex and good times we had...

And most girls ive been with are not nearly as exciting in that area, so imma keep looking, i know some chick is out there for me, and im going to wait as long as it ******* takes, and i wont settle for less then what i want.

Thanks for all the support!
You know...that is the same reason why Hugh became Mr. HUGH HEFNER. True story.

Fuggedabout it though...get laid get paid repeat til ur penis falls off. Don't ever get stuck in a monogamous relationship ever again...come to think of it we should send photos of the latest girls we banged. Then do exchanges and become cousins. It would be like the 60's all over again...OLD FAN would know about this.

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