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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
I hope you can find some happiness in another facet of your life, MK.

And I'm glad to read that you're not giving up hope that you can find the one.
When you're with someone who loves your bullsh!t as much as they love what you think is your good stuff, and when you feel the same, that'll be it.
Some people never get to that place, and for them I feel sorry.

Take your time; have fun without hurting anyone; be open.

Good luck.

Hello there thank you for quoting me. Deep down inside I think some people do want to enjoy the wild side of life and never really get a chance to...ever...sadly. I don't mean a one night bender for graduation or a bachelor party. I'm talking about full on parties with hookers and blow/drugs. On the other hand settling down aint bad.

My response was meant to take a lighter stance on the situation as there's pages after pages of Twillight stuff. Reality is he needs to explore the world to get his mind off of things and I'm sure he'd agree. Afterwards he can settle down again.

Thank you for listening!

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