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The way smoking is handled now is how it should be (but with more freedom). People should be more than free to smoke (cigs and weed both, and other things) as long as there are areas designed for it, and areas that are not designed for it.

What I find absolutely ridiculous is when anti-smoking people/companies try to invade on SMOKING BARS. Bars that say "this is a smoking bar, you can smoke here" then people go into the bar and they are all like "there should be a non-smoking section". It's like, who the hell gives you the right to tell anyone that, much less someone who opens a bar that is specifically a smoking bar.

/pointless rant.

On topic, I don't smoke but my mom was in the hospital for a week because of it, it damaged her lungs a lot and that was some 4 years ago and she hasn't touched a single cig since, so I'm proud of her for that.

I hope you guys get off the smoking, if you want to do it no big deal you only live once and people need to vent one way or another (or just like it) but if you can get off of it, good stuff.
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