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Jessica Merizan wrote...

I think I need to clarify myself. For the past few weeks, I've been collecting feedback. I have excel sheets, word documents, quotes, graphs, you name it.

In order for a collaboration between the devs and the fans to work, I need you guys to CONTINUE being constructive, and organizing your thoughts. I know where to look, but I need you to help me by contributing to the dialogue.

Saying "this blows" helps no one. Saying, "I enjoyed X but I found Z _____ because of A,B,C" is what I'm looking for. Channel your frustration into something positive (such as the RetakeME3 movement - constructive, organized thoughts).

Chris and I are both collecting your feedback. We're listening. Make yourself heard

If anyone is interested (I know it's a dead horse around here by now) you can go there and post your thoughts on the ending, what you liked and didn't like, they have officially announced new endings and or DLC that changes things up and fixes the plot holes and other things, and this thread is specifically meant for the dev team of the game to look at and take hints/suggestions etc.
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