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I like this game, but the one thing you cannot do is talk to your opponent on a head set. They talk so much trash, it's sickening. I was Koch fighting Stevenson today and I beat him in the first round, and the other player flipped out on me saying "all you do is throw kicks and run away, i call people like you youtube fighters, yadda yadda" and the funny thing is, i barely threw any kicks, I threw a lot more punches. I only ever backed off when I got clipped a few times, and that's called footwork. He wanted me to just stand in front of him and play rock em sock em robots. This shouldn't be a button masher and people shouldn't freak out cause he take a few steps to the side or back.

I do understand some peoples points when people spam, but I didn't spam at all. I threw a couple of front kicks early, but most of my strikes were punching flurries, and we would stand there for a few seconds slugging it out, bobbing and weaving. He just hit me with multiple body shots and I was protecting my mid section because clearly that would effect my cardio eventually. People act so tough on this game, it's irritating. Apparently strategies are forbidden and you must be flat footed and stand still and punch.

My only complaint with peoples styles was when I played Paulo Filho against Anderson Silva in pride. There is a huge size difference and the guy obviously had an advantage standing, yet he spammed the spinning back kick over and over again, and with Filhos range, i really had no offense for that. That is annoying and unrealistic, I agree, but my strategy of having an all out war but knowing when I need to cover up and regroup is realistic and I'm sure the other guy was just irritated because he lacked MMA knowledge and just wanted a punch for punch slug fest without consideration of conditioning or damage taken. Then when he finally shut up, I go to speak and he leaves. Are there any friendly players? Haha.

End rant. This is why I'm not going to be using a head set in this game. Some people have reason to be annoyed, but being irritated at someone for actually using footwork is laughable. I don't have this on PS3, but I needed to vent somewhere.

EDIT: Had to throw this in there. This guy must hate Carlos Condit for what he did against Diaz, using footwork and speed to win. Even then, it's not very comparable. I scored a technical knock out against this guy due to punches in the first round. If anyone is a friendly gamer on X Box Live, I'm sometimes free to play. I'm not that great, but I can be hit or miss.

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