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Round 1: Ben gives a BE shout out and the bell is rung. Saunders throws a kick, Amaya clinches and has Saunders against the cage. Saunders defends the single leg by working for a kimura. Saunders has the arm but can't get it behind Amaya's back. Saunders lets it go and gets an underhook and throws a nasty knee. Now it is Amaya against the cage, Saunders looking to work knees. Another big knee and Amaya goes for another single, Saunders sweeps him over with a kimura and is in Amaya's guard. Amaya gives up his back and Saunders has him turtled. Saunders keeping weight on Amaya and kneeing to the body. Amaya trying to stand, Saunders keeps the ground and pound coming. Amaya stands and Saunders has him against the cage again and the knees keep coming. Amaya keeps driving for takedowns and Saunders defending well. Saunders steps over trying to take the back, as Amaya rolls out Saunders goes for an armbar. Saunders goes belly down, as Amaya attempts to roll out and rolls right into a triangle. The bell rings right as Amaya escapes and attempts to move to side control. Awesome round. Saunders 10-9

Round 2: Amaya comes out with a straight right hand, Saunders slips and they clinch. Amaya drives Saunders back to the cage and eats a knee that buckles him. Amaya drops for single leg, attempts to come up to take the back. Saunders gets an underhook and lands another big knee that drops Amaya. Saunders takes the back, goes for armbar but ends up in guard. Saunders escapes back to standing, Amaya driving for that double leg and gets Saunders down. Saunders goes for a triangle and now working for omoplata and back to triangle. Saunders locks up the triangle deep, Amaya swings his leg over and sits back to escape triangle and after scramble he is back in Saunder's guard. Amaya able to stand, strike and move to north-south but Saunders gets him back to guard. Big right hand inside guard by Amaya. Saunders locks up body triangle from the guard and moves in for another armbar. Amaya rolls out and back into guard. Big strikes from the top by Amaya, Saunders pulls him down and playing rubber guard. Amaya starting to pass and Saunders throws little strikes as bell rings. Saunders 10-9

Round 3: Saunders stalking Amaya at the start of the round. Amaya throwing wild hooks, tagging Saunders hard and slips, in a scramble Saunders gets on top. Saunders mounts, attempts a triangle and now working for kimura. Amaya escapes and takes Saunders' back, Killer B rolls to mount and gives up his back again. Saunders grabs Amaya's head and rolls him over into guard. Saunders in halfguard now, Amaya escapes to his knees and Saunders takes the back. Saunders locks on body triangle from the back and looking to choke throwing strikes to try to create space. Amaya goes belly down and is eating strikes, the ref is taking a close look. Amaya rolls to mount to stay alive, Saunders looks for a keylock. Amaya attempts a buck escape but gives up back. Amaya is running on fumes at this point and Saunders is clearly in control. Amaya's left eye has swollen shut, our first good look at it. Saunders 10-9

Official Decision: Ben Saunders defeats Raul Amaya by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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