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Round 1: Pereira takes the center of the cage as Baker circles on the outside. Baker throwing kicks from the outside, Pereira throws a hard outside leg kick. Baker switches stances and throws a sidekick and another outside leg kick from Pereira. Baker shoots in on another outside leg kick, Pereira uses a whizzer to defend and gets slammed. Baker on top in halfguard. Pereira gets a nice reversal, Baker backs up to cage and attempting to wall walk back to his feet. Peieira throwing big punches as Baker stands. Baker using a closed stance and throwing side kicks, Pereira throws a head kick that is just barely blocked. Another side kick from Baker and another outside leg kick from Pereira. Baker hit hard on the way in by a right hand, Pereira goes for a headlock choke, but Baker backs out. Baker holding the Brazilian against the cage, and Pereira throws Baker. Baker scrambles back to feet and they are clinched again against the cage. Baker throwing short knees to the thighs as the bell rings. Close round but I give the nod to the Brazilian. Pereira 10-9

Round 2: Baker keeping his distance early, Pereira working that lead leg again with the outside kick. Baker throwing more thai kicks now instead of side kicks. Now Baker is throwing side kicks to knee and face. Another leg kick landed by Pereira, and he lunges forward with punches. Back in the center Baker lunges in to clinch, Baker goes for throw but Pereira uses whizzer to stand. Strong knee from Baker drops Brazilian. Leg kick by Baker this time. Baker is slowing down slightly on the outside. Weak leg kick by Baker as Pereira is content to counter. Now Pereria pushes forward with punches. They are standing at range, but Periera is starting to control distance with those leg kicks. Baker shoots in for takedown right into an uppercut. Periera turns Baker over and into guard, Baker going for an armbar but Pereira posturing up well. Baker uses the omoplata sweep to escape to the feet as the bell rings. Baker was the more active fighter that round but Pereira the more effective. Pereira 10-9

Round 3: Baker staying on the outside again and Pereira throws another outside leg kick. Baker lunges in and eats a hard counter right hand and then another leg kick. More leg kicks from the Brazilian as Baker throws measuring jabs. Pereira pushing forward with hooks, Baker pushes him away with a hard jab and then an inside leg kick. Pereira lands two leg kicks to the lead leg. Spinning back kick catches Baker in the midsection. Baker getting a second wind as he pushes forward with combinations, clinches and goes for a hip toss. Pereira refuses to be taken down and they battle in the clinch. Baker has double underhooks, slips around to back and attempts to slam but Pereira hooks the leg to stop the slam. Another slam attempt and Pereira catches himself. Now Brazilian working for a kimura from clinch as Baker kneess the legs. Pereira gets the hands connected for kimura but ref separates them. Baker throwing from outside again and drives in for a takedown. Baker gets side control, traps the arm and starts landing punches. This round Pereira did next to nothing while Baker was clearly generating offense. Baker 10-9

Official Decision: Bryan Baker defeats Carlos Alexandre Pereira by Split Decision (29-28 Baker, 29-28 Pereira, 29-28 Baker)

Brian Baker advances to semi-final round.

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