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new routine

I got through my 1st real shift of nursing today an 8-hour day.

I had a liter bottle with the jack3d on the way out to the new gym and a few veggiess.

I met up with my instructor and he took me to his combat room in the facility he works at now.

He's got a whole bunch of nice gear to play with:

mats, several free-standing bags one of which was a bob.

I focused my energy on this bob bag: I worked on technique only for the jab, straight right, hooks, uppercut right-hand only the lead left (didn't feel right), and power reverse punches for hand-strikes at least.

I worked some right roundhouses with the head of the guy slightly higher than mine.

I did the teeps, a left roundhouse, and a pendulum kick.

The power-reverse punch is one that I'm drilling the hell out of. I did close to 800 right/left strikes with this technique.

I enjoyed working the right-roundhouse on this bag because it had the human head. I was enjoying the fact I could actually strike the neck with my shin and understand the technique better that way...instead of only striking a bag.

This last 50-minutes from start to finish.

After that I refilled my liter bottle, which I went through during that stint.

I went down to a heavy bag, and worked a jab-straight right combo....jab-straight right-left hook.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that the bag was in a hallway, but my shots were hellishly loud. I enjoyed the feeling of the heavier bag and felt the contact a lot better. I spent 15 minutes on this.

After that I went and did 50 situps on an reverse bench, 3 sets of adduction press @ 10x 100lbs, 10x 150, and 10x 180..., and a light 15 minute jog to end the night.

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