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Originally Posted by ToonKing View Post
Hey guys,

I'm a beginner in BJJ, as most of the people in my gym, however whenever we roll I keep getting caught with guillotine's.

It's really frustrating me, I don't even get to try and go for the, like 2 , techniques that I know, because I keep ending up in a choke in the first 20 seconds.

I know I shouldn't stick my head out, but got any further advice ? Maybe some videos to watch ?

Sounds like you might be going in for shots with your head down (instead try chin tucked and keep the forehead up.

As far as escaping, that'll only work if it's not fully sunk in. If a guys got it sunk in w good technique, you're pretty much toast. The best defense to a guillotine is to not get caught in it in the first place...good luck!
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