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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Is this a serious post?

Not that it wasn't ******* obvious or anything based on every single sport in the history of mankind. It'd be a miracle if a woman basketball player in the history of the sport even managed to pull off a double clutch reverse layup.

Watching women play ball sports is outright painful. Like I said, submission grappling isn't really a heavy-athletic sport and although wrestling IS, a non-athletic style of wrestling works very well too(see Ben Askren, Cole Konrad, etc), so it's generally fine....the striking however always looks heinous(even Cyborg compensates for technique with pure, testosterone aided power) and it's generally ugly to see two women punching each other in the matter how butch one of the parties may be.
If you read the actual study (Frederikse, it doesn't say that. All it actually says is that a certain portion of the brain that may be strongly involved in visual spacialization tends to be larger in some men than in some women, which means virtually nothing- HMC and Bigfoot Silva probably have the physically largest brains in MMA, lol. I have never seen any evidence that smaller-brained men who inevitably must on average have smaller portions of each segment are somehow less coordinated.

In fact, that study wasn't even actually about coordination, that was just an offhanded suggestion by the researchers about a connection their results regarding the size of the lobule might have. That study was about schizophrenia. And it involved a whopping sample size of sixty people, all from the academic community in Maryland.

I can't find a citation for their claim that men tend to outperform women in actual performance tests. Since the actual Frederikse study seems to be a peer-reviewed piece by respected scientists I have no reason to believe they made it up, (although I'd still really like to read it, as its hilariously easy to cherrypick evidence for practically anything if you dont have context) but um... sociocultural effects? Girls in america simply aren't encouraged to do sports like men are, and coordination can be developed like any other skill. White people out-test black people in math and asians out-test everyone, but that doesnt necessarily mean there are inherent biological differences that force these things to happen. There is a lot more at work in our cultures than biology that influence what we end up being good at, or even how our brains develop. You have a point about size and strength, we can directly link that to hormones and in fact induce a similar advantage to women with artificial introduction. Don't see it with dexterity and agility.

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