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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
You have absolutely NO idea how absurd and surreal this kind of gun-talk sounds like to people outside the USA :P

Interesting though, disturbing as it is hehe
Just discovered this thread...lolz! Well, America was bred on war. It gained it's indepedence through it, gone through civil war, and is currently engaged in war in multiple theaters.

A great movie about guns in general is "Lord Of War."

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I ended up buying a new 3rd gen glock 17.

I was kind of duped into buying it.

Me: it feels good in my hands

Dealer: yea glocks are some of the best blah blah

Me: I've had good experiences with glocks

Dealer: they have tons of accessories like blah, blah, blah and haha 33 round clips

Me: why would you need a 33 round clip?

Dealer: did I mention the 33 round clips?

Me: >.> SOLD!

I do like it so far
You one crazy mofo! Glock 17's are too light. Don't like the recoil. Officers carry it guess cuz of the light polymer casing, but my fav is the Beretta, standard side arm for the military. Better feel, aim, and handle. Sig Sauer aren't too bad.

However I have to say nothing good comes with guns. People should be researching space exploration rather than going for an arms race. *sigh*

PS: The craziest gun I saw was a rambo machine gun. Think the gun dealer said it was part of Vietnam or the Korean War. It was just sitting in the shop as a center piece. That thing can cut down an entire platoon.

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