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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Guild Wars is the one MMO that's different from the usual tank and spank stuff. The first game was basically a PVP game but GW2 PVE looks very promising (although PVP will probably be the main thing about it again). They really expanded on their battle system in GW2, they took the one healing class out of the game and now everyone in your group gets to 'tank' at some point. It's really hard to explain though. Here's a video :P

Anyway, I was kinda half-joking about the panda stuff. The Pandaren Brewmaster was my favorite hero in W3... but still, Diablo 3.
I played high end PvP in Guild Wars for a long, long time when the game was active and I have no interest at all in GW2 PvP. No monk or GvG like mechanics = meh, doubt I'll bother.

The PvE though... omg it looks amazing
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