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Strikeforce is dead, Zuffa are pure scum plain and simple there is no dignity left for fighters, its bow down and suck Danas dick ot go fight in some 2 pence promotion

My god BAMMA needs to do it, BAMMA needs to grow strong gain respect, get the support it needs get the cash from somewhere anywhere some billionaire investor please buy that promotion get the show on Sky Sports and give the best fighters in the world a place where they can compete and keep the dignity without having to suck Zuffa pipe, judge them not on if they go along to there interview, say the right world to hype up there fights or what they tweet on the social disgrace to humanity network that is tweeter, but instead on there ability to fight.

The fact that Zuffa abuse the power they hold over the MMA market, and can dismiss some of the best fighters in the world over a fcuking tweet is disgusting, what is a tweet anyway really, its a fcuking meaningless pile a random bull shit, a tweet should be taken about as seriously as a Canadian playing football.

OK the commission wants to in force some type of punishment that kind of bull shit, fair play its public I guess so let the commission to there part and regulate the consequences, now all we need if for a promotion there part and support there fcuking fighters and turn its focus on signing the best talent and not on the personal comments made by the fighters, give the best fighters a place to fcuking fight and stop trying to run there lifes and making them sign your theme tune while there force to take a mouth full of Zuffs pipe juice.

Am sorry but Zuffa are a joke they take Chung fcuking Lei into the UFC put pass up on Fedor, they drop one of the worlds top LHW's in his prime while the division besides a select few is in shambles and in process of the biggest slump in MMA history.

Its times like this where I really hope there is a Hell, please please please let there be a hell and let all the Zuffa puppets meet up there for all eternity, if there is a hell then surly Dana White has to go there, he has to how could there be any other option available to that sorry excuse of a person, no way not a chance how could heaven even exist also if Dana was a there am been very serious any plain of existence where Dana White is in existence could never be classed as heaven, so I really hope that these places exist because we all know there is only one place for Dana if these beliefs turn out to be real.

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