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Originally Posted by Danm2501 View Post
I wouldn't consider a division that includes Jones, Evans, Machida, Henderson, Shogun, Davis, Gustaffson, Bader, Nogueira, Nedkov and Silva a shambles.

Also, it's not ZUFFA that have decided to crush Strikeforce, it's Showtime. They're impossible to negotiate with, ZUFFA have found it impossible to work with them, so have taken the fighters they deem good fits in the UFC, that are worth the money they're demanding. The UFC don't see Fedor as a viable signing. M-1 still want ludicrous money for him, and a stupid contract, and with Fedor on a 3 fight skid before he left Strikeforce, it made no sense for them to pay him a fortune.

The UFC have offered the guys they want a contract, and it's up to them if they decide to take it or not. There's no ZUFFA 'Pipe Juice' swallowing required. Either the UFC are interested in having you fight for their organisation or not, there's no conspiracy against guys that won't bow down to every UFC demand. They pay their guys well, look after them, and try to get the best fighters in the world. I don't see where this ludicrous anti-ZUFFA bullshit comes from. I guess it's just a matter of disliking what's popular, and successful for no real reason. You might not like Dana, but get over it, the organisation he works for are the best Mixed Martial Arts company in the world, and not the corrupt monopoly you make them out to be.
The are a corrupt Monopoly they are No.1 in the world right now without doubt becasue they destroyed the competition, SF seemed to have no worries before Zuffa was involved, who can blame them for been pissed at the sell out, they have taken so much away from that promotion and given it nothing, maybe its Zuffa who are the ones that are impossible to deal with.

Hopefully when The SF deal is up and seriously who really cares about the GP even anymore since Zuffa dug its claws and ruined that one, I just hope Showtime give some other promotion a chance to give fan a great MMA show or create there own.

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