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Originally Posted by dsmjrv View Post
i realize it wasn't even close, but assuming there were complications along with maybe the ref letting jones hold the choke a bit longer. if somehow they weren't able to revive or wake him up, i have a hard time believing jones would actually go to jail for this...

what happens when people die in boxing? i know it has happened before.

i feel like more blame would/should go to the refs and whoever appointed that ref rather than the UFC itself.. but i think if the athletic commission got sued it would be worse for the UFC than if the UFC got sued...
Nothing happens unless genuine neglect is determined. Like if the fighter were to intentionally throw blows to the spine, neck, and he actually killed the other guy. He would probably be charged with involuntary manslaughter and even then I'm sure he could get out of it.

People really only die when they have hematomas they don't know about and even then it's usually a couple days after the fight.
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