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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Been a whil since I've a fight. Well, street fight anyway. Couple of weeks ago I sparked someone out outside a club. I don't remember why. I was drunk. Felt stupid and embarrassed. Got arrested. Gotta keep the fighting indoors now.
Off to the drunk tank...haha!

Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
That story reminds me a bit of a guy I knew way back when. He was nerdy looking: glasses, bad haircut, sorta' ginger-ish. He always tagged along when we went to howl at the moon.

Invariably, and since he was so quiet and average looking, he would attract the attention of the bullies/butt-heads wherever we went.
The meatheads would start in on him, I suppose thinking he would be easy pickings, and this guy would flat-out dummy one of them- invariably with one punch.

It was hilarious.

Then with the rest of the weight-room posse standing there shocked into silence, the bouncers would come flying over, see who was involved, and tell the douchebags to get their knocked-out juicer friend the hell out of there.

Too funny.

Yep, moral of the story...sometimes the least unexpected guy you see is the one to watch out for. Like when Roger Huerta lit up that guy who hit the girl. One scene he's yelling at Roger, then he takes off shirt and runs after em...seconds later Roger is stomping on him on the ground. I was like dayam that was lightening fast!

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