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Originally Posted by H33LHooK View Post
I fault the parents of the kids who bully wa-a-ay more than I do any of the kids involved.

Kids are mean, they bully, parents or not. Even kids who don't bully are known for laughing at the situation or doing things like making fun of a kid's name withough full on "bullying".

How many times have you heard someone's name and said "I bet he had a hard time in school"? I bet all of us have or heard someone else say it and agreed. We agree because kids are mean and bullying is part of growing up and part of the social structure.

You are right, though, whether you are against bullying or not, one thing is for certain, it is the parents and parents only who are at fault, and if anything needs changed, it is their parenting, and that is where focus needs to be, not on making movies and cashing in on it.
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