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Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
I have to totally agree with lyoto legion here. Shogun does not have a chance in this third fight and ime sick of people thinking shogun still has what it takes to hang around at the top. Shogun is done, his cardio is bad, his movement has slowed down, his knees are gone, shogun and ime sorry to say this hasn't looked like he did in pride since he entered the UFC. What jones did to shogun was a massacre, Hendo is 41 and how shogun still couldn't capalize on a out of steam Hendo in rounds 4-5 shocked me, how olds shogun 28-29 in his prime? Please. Shogun is done.
And what about Lyoto's past four performances makes you believe that he isn't just as 'done' as Shogun? The fact is you're making too sweeping and bold a statement when you literally have zero idea how a third contest would turn out. If getting beat down by Jon Jones indicates that someone is done, then sign Lyoto, Rampage, and a host of others up for retirement, as well.

As for not being able to finish Henderson in the latter rounds, give me a break. Shogun ate nearly a dozen H-Bombs and survived, whereas it took only a single blow to put Fedor to sleep. That he managed to finish the fight in control, let alone escape the first round, shows just how much he has left in the tank. Besides, you, much like Lyoto Legion, tend to ignore the obvious. That Machida has slowed down just as much, if not more than Shogun. Whereas Lyoto completely wilted against a Rampage Jackson who was content to hold onto him, Shogun came back from three brutal rounds to put a hurt on Dan Henderson to close what was fight of the year.

But hey... I get how bias works. It makes fools out of us all.
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