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Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
No but jones wasnt able to put a beating on rampage and machida the way he did to shogun ! Oh and please Hendo gassed that's why shogun was able to come out in later rounds and take them, if it was a 3 round fight in would of been a dominating win for Hendo! Machida looked good against jones , he was doing all the right things, in and out explosive till he took that elbow that opened his fod, his fight before that was probably one of the best UFC knockouts ever.
Cool story, bro. Once again, however, you miss the point entirely. I never said that Henderson didn't gas. He did. It doesn't change the fact that Shogun was able to eat his best shots and carry on fighting. How many other fighters whom have tasted Hendo's H-Bomb can say the same? I have far more respect for Shogun surviving and rallying back than I do Machida completely allowing Jackson to hold him against the cage for three rounds. Mentally, we know who's stronger.

As for the whole Jon Jones argument, whether Lyoto looked good in the first round is a moot point. It doesn't change the fact that that fight ended with Machida in a heap, looking far worse than Shogun did after he lost the title. All their respective losses tell me is that Shogun got caught sooner. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And yes, the KO of Randy Couture was beautiful. That said, it was also an aging, on the verge of retiring Randy Couture. If you want to turn that into some masterful feat, then by all means, knock yourself out. Actually looking to their last few bouts, and using a little thing called logic, it's far too difficult to say that Machida would 'outpoint' or 'defeat' Shogun with ease.

Machida, perhaps at his best at the time, barely secured a decision victory over Rua in a fight where everyone who didn't have his/her head up Lyoto's arse felt Shogun won. Their second encounter needs no explanation other than 'KTFO', and simply saying that 'Rua connected with a lucky shot' is an excuse so weak it doesn't merit consideration.

Both men went down brutally to Jon Jones. Lyoto scored an impressive victory over old man Couture, while Shogun scored an impressive victory over a passive Forrest Griffin. Shogun shows more grit, heart, and determination in a 5 round FOTY with Dan Henderson, while Machida displays no heart whatsoever in a boring decision loss which takes place entirely against the cage.

And I'm to believe that Machida isn't a shell of his former self, and that he would dispose of Shogun with relative ease? Are you certain this isn't some sort of comedy bit?
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