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Originally Posted by vilify View Post
Since I'm rooting for Rashad I'm a bit worried that his chances of winning are based on him doing the impossible.

Rashad might be able to get in and out a few times but he won't have much success staying in there. Never mind pulling off a Tyson- like onslaught. Jones will keep him at bay at all cost even if it means circling the octagon for 5 mins with his hands in Rashads face throwing an occasional kick to the knee.

In the event Rashad does get close Jones will tie him up and go for take downs all day.(could be a good thing for Rashad if he can reverse)

But for Rashad to win in my opinion he must go for takedowns NON STOP. He must force Jones to win the fight off his back as in Sonnen/Silva. Any other scenario Jones will win.

While I like Rashad I'm realistic
I see your point. However, I think once they do get into clinch range, Rashad will probably be banking on Jones tying him up. Van Arsdale indicated that that were their main area of concern, Jones' clinch. If Rashad can get in on Jones then he'll be close enough to explode with that takedown, he doesn't have to stay there, he only needs to frustrate Jones will the pressure, which can be done as the Machida fight hinted at. Jones can wave his hands in Rashad's face all day, but Rashad's more athletic than the competition Jones' has faced and will look to mix it up. Keep Jones thinking about the close range stand up, when Jones tries to clinch, WHAM, double leg. That's the scenario I can see him using. Question is, can Jones stop him from taking him down? I have a feeling that if Rashad is able to take him down in the later rounds, Jones will more than likely stay down. We'll see though. Anything is possible in this fight.
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