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R1: Sandro wings a big one-two, an uppercut and a right low kick. Popo looking to counter with the left hook. Another one-two from Sandro, who adds a left hook that lands on his way out of the pocket. Inside low kick from Popo. Sandro catches a Popo kick but can't unload his right hand. Sandro's inside low kick catches the cup of Popo, who takes a short respite before restarting. Sandro plunging the one-two, then a sharp Thai kick to the leg. Popo shoots but Sandro stuffs it with slight assistance from the cage.

Sandro cracks a low kick before Popo can connect with his left hook counter. Sandro smashes Popo's lead leg with a low kick that causes him to stumble. Spinning back-kick from Sandro whiffs. Sandro one-two; Popo lands a decent spinning back-fist. Popo checks the next Sandro low kick, then lands one of his own. 10-9 Sandro by a close margin for the more effective striking and control of the fight's location.

R2: Left hook lands from Sandro. Popo pawing with his left hand. Sandro bursts forward with a decent combination. They trade low kicks. Sandro connects on an inside low kick and one-two combination. Sandro attacking the lead leg with left kicks. One-two-three from Sandro. Snap kick from Popo is blocked by Sandro, who flings more leather and taps another low kick. Another. Make it three, but he's throwing the short left kick instead of the torquing right. Sandro goes for a duck-under single but can't get it. They trade low kicks.

Double left low kicks from Sandro, then a right. One for Popo. Sandro tries a leaping knee as the round ends that barely misses. 10-9 Sandro in another tight round for the edge with effective striking.

R3: They collide and Popo quickly moves behind Sandro and hits a belly to back suplex. Sandro hits a switch and gets on top but Yves Lavigne is quick on the draw again and stands them up too quickly. Popo stuns Sandro with a punch, who goes down on one knee, but Sandro's back on his feet before Popo can pounce. Sandro's output slows down considerably after the big punch. Popo now leading exchanges with low kicks and a straight right. Sandro is backing up and only throwing sparse punches while Popo walks him down. Sandro indicates that Popo's kick landed low but it's ignored. Popo pressuring with more flurries until the bell. Clear 10-9 round for Popo -- putting my overall score at 29-28 for Sandro.

One judge has it 29-28 for Popo but the other two see it 29-28 for Marlon Sandro, who beats Alexandre Bezerra by split decision.

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