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R1: Askren leans left, fires an overhand right and tries to scoop up a single. Lima backpedals and defends, Askren pushes Lima on the cage and Lima circles out. Lima succumbs to a clinch throw from Askren at 3:45, and Askren climbs to a high half guard and throws bothersome punches. Lima grabs both of Askren's heels from the bottom and topples him, but Askren quickly regains the top position when Lima swivels for a submission. Lima is quick with an armbar attempt from guard, but Askren stays patient and breaks Lima's grip.

High half guard from Askren again, who pesters with a stream of light punches. Downward elbow from Askren, then a short forearm to end the first. Askren was still busy from the top and quickly escaped the submission attempts, so I see it his way 10-9.

R2: Askren fires his right hand and pins Lima on the fence before dragging him down from the clinch. Askren now reaching across in half guard with a kimura attempt that Lima counters with a toe hold. They reset with Askren in Lima's guard, still patty-caking punches. Lima tries an omoplata that Askren spins out of. Lima trying to stay active but Askren's base and dexterity are too much. Elbows from the top from "Funky." Lackadaisical ground and pound from Askren, who stacks Lima, then falls into his guard after an up-kick whizzes through his curly locks. The crowd is not appreciative of the action. 10-9 Askren.

R3: Lima just misses a short right counter before Askren starts with a single and finishes with the double leg. Less than a minute in, we're back into half guard and the crowd is already restless. Lima slings a leg up for a triangle but Askren steps over to escape before settling back in with a few slaps. Now Askren postures up and rifles down some legit right hands. Lima keeps shifting to different angles from his guard, Askren adjusts, shuts him down and punches. Askren goes for a D'arce choke with a Gable grip, then readjusts to a bicep grip. Lima slips free and Josh Rosenthal stands the fighters up after a short lull. Askren drops levels and glues himself to Lima's hips, pushing him against the fence. Lima circles off and lands a sharp knee to the sternum. 10-9 Askren.

R4: Lima throws a low kick that Askren tries to swallow in a low single. They clinch and Askren loses his balance on a head and arm throw but stands back up and takes Lima down. Askren has a phenomenal combination of takedowns and top-side submission defense that is not exhilarating to behold. Lima tries to sweep, Askren denies it. Askren stacking and throwing right hands. Legit armbar attempt now from Lima but Askren slips out. The ref stands them up around the ten-second mark and Askren blocks a Lima high kick. 10-9 Askren.

R5: Crowd chanting "Lima!" just for the hell of it. Lima stuffs a double but Askren nails an outside trip from the clinch forty seconds in. No dice on the elevator sweep attempt from Lima. Askren just doing his thing. It's possible his rhythmic and mild punches are actually a message in Morse Code -- only a 1950's radio operator knows. 10-9 Askren for a clean sweep on my card.

All three judges agree with 50-45 across the board. Ben Askren retains his welterweight title with a unanimous decision over Douglas Lima.

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