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*Help* Steps to become successful in MMA??

Hello Everyone! I'm new to these forums and MMA/Martial Arts in general. I'm 16 and in high school. I'm athletically inclined and have respectable lift weights with near perfect form. Bench 225, Squat 315, Deadlift 410.

My ultimate goal would to succeed in MMA. I have a few questions. Feel free to share your opinion's and advice.

Advice already given to me. Feel free to disagree and give reason with why the below thoughts are incorrect.

1. *From my understanding, it is better to do a single MA; then, you become recruited/go to a MMA gym and train there.*

2. *There are four main MA's to get into MMA: wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and judo."*

3. *Muay Thai is a very well-rounded art that would carry over into MMA very well.*


1.) Is Muay Thai practical for someone with NO previous MA expirience? Is it an excellent option for pre-MMA training?
Would it be better to start with boxing/wrestling before/instead of MT? (I'm not trying to do art vs. art.)

2.) About how long should I expect it to take before fighting becomes more natural? Around 6 months?

3.) Should I do MT + BJJ -> MMA? MT -> MMA? Wrestling -> Boxing -> MMA? Just MMA? Please enlighten me on a quick, successful path.

I'll add more questions if I think of any.

Thanks so much for the help in advance!

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