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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post

After working graveyard for 4 1/2 months, I just found out that next shift I'm going to is.... graveyard for another 4 1/2 month. It sucks normally. It especially sucks that this next` shift goes over summer through September.

All the old ****s who couldn't find a pool party if they used google get to sit at home during the day throughout the summer while I sleep. FML.

I know, first world problems.

I ******* love the summer. This entire next summer will consist of me working every single weekend night with the great days of wed and thur off (most of which I will be sleeping during the day). I repeat, FML.
dude you need guys need to adopt the Chicago rotation... police (including 911 operators) go on revolving days off... 6 on 2 off.... and if your 2 days off are weekends, you get a 3 day. so if your 2 days are saturday n sunday, you get either friday or monday off too. so you get a 3 day weekend like every 1 and a half months.

i know this cuz i applied and took the test for 911 dispatcher... yet i FAILED with an 80%...... sigh... i think we know why i really failed...

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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