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Originally Posted by UFCfan1001 View Post

Just want to throw in my 2 cents. I train MMA and my girlfriend is a naturopath nutritionist, and she's passed on a load of useful info to me which has helped my training massively. I'm ripped and I know a large part of it is down to my diet.

The crucial thing about how many meals per day/ size of meals is blood sugar. The theory goes, that if you eat say 5 meals per day, with no more than 3 hours between meals (and these meals should contain a balance of brown carbs, lean protein and vegetables, organic preferably) then your blood sugar levels stay more constant througout the day. The reason this is good, is because when our blood sugar levels drop, we get that post lunch dip, which makes us reach for the fatty, sugary foods, which make us fat and lethargic. More constant blood sugar levels means our energy levels remain more consistently high, which means we make better decisions about what food to eat.
I agree that insulin sensitivity is vital aspect in calorie partitioning if that is what you are referring to??

I haven't heard about the "food decision" aspect of it though. Thanks for informing me

*no sarcasm intended* I'm glad that you gave some advice. I love learning new things about nutrition and such!

OP, like I said in my previous post, whatever works for you, DO IT. If my method sucks for you, go with the previous posters. People get caught up on what other people say is the "right" way of doing it; while for you, other ways may be more effective. It's all about what works for YOU.

Hope this helps!
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