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Originally Posted by UFCfan1001 View Post

Glad it was of some use to you. I know that if I'm on an energy dip, I'm much more likely to grab the fatty and sugary foods. My gf sees her nutrition clients and it's a useful tip she passes on to them, which they always report back as very helpful.

I'm using Eric Wong's Strength and Conditioning guide at the moment, and there's an excellent section on nutrition. I kind of understand the relationship between blood sugar and insulin, but I think he explains it much better,

"Eating less, more often is all about controlling your insulin levels. You want to control your insulin levels because insulin is the fat storage hormone, if you have high levels of insulin, you have high levels of fat storage. Your cells will also become more resistant to insulin, thus youíll need more insulin to get the same effect, causing more fat storage, and more resistance, and the cycle continues until youíre fat and you donít know what to do!

When you eat less often, your blood sugar levels have bigger peaks and valleys, causing your insulin to follow suit. Since insulin is the fat storage hormone, when your insulin peaks, it puts your body into a fat storage mode."
I personally feel better doing this anyway, and my stomach has been much flatter since I adopted this routine.
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